Monday, 19 March 2012

Weight & Sound

A collaborative project initiated by Emily Shepherd in conversation with Thomas Leyland-Collins, Fiona Teresa Keenan, Benjamin Parkes, Amy Pickles, Adam Scarborough and Alison Joan Stockwell

Featuring familiar objects, found objects, and work by Ragnar Jonasson, Helen Shaddock and Alison Joan Stockwell

Can we interpret sculpture through sound?
What does this bring to our experience of sculpture?

Weight and Sound seeks to investigate these questions, not to arrive at a definitive conclusion but to open up this idea as a line of enquiry, an interpretive tool for discussing sculpture.

Through considering an object’s spatial and material qualities and interpreting these through sound, the project emerges as an alternative to traditional methods of interpreting sculpture, creating sound experiments that serve to alter the viewer’s experience and offer new avenues of exploration.